At Neeraj Paper Marketing Ltd.(NPML), we have introduced a work culture that imbibes the best Values and  Practices. This facilitates in providing customers value added services and more than that a unique experience. Environment Protection and management are integral part of NPML activities. The objective is clearly to help customers maximise their productivity, minimise their costs and derive highest value addition in their end products.

In all its business operations, NPML takes social, economic and ecological considerations seriously.
We have a long-standing set of values and principles that guides our behaviour. These values underpin our approach to sustainability.We have always been a business driven by a strong set of values. Today those values are as important as ever. We now know that the well-being of society and the environment is critical to our ability to grow.

We strive to be trusted members of society wherever we operate, working transparently with governments and other partners to fulfill our responsibilities and achieve our goals.