Sales Office Location

Our sales office location is intended to be closest to the point of consumption/customer that enables a good business connection with the clientele. To enable easy and speedy access to customers, sales and marketing office was strategically placed in Delhi. This enables providing customers high quality personalized service, being always available on call as the control, supervision and execution of all sales and marketing activities will be done from Delhi office. The team of senior marketing and sales professionals aim to work closely engaged with customers to respond to their immediate and future needs. Our office is also staffed with a dedicated Customer Care unit and after sales service to efficiently cater the clientele. We aim for pan-India service coverage and intimate interaction with our channel partners across the length and breadth of the country, with this view, Delhi serves as our sales and marketing headquarters.

Besides the corporate marketing office, there are personnel placed in different regions to serve the local customer needs speedily on a 24x7 basis. At present, the company has regional offices for North & East region in Delhi and for West & South region in Mumbai. We intend to make our sales offices accessible in all four regions in the coming future.