Type Usage
Bible paper Thin, white, opaque, heavily-loaded, used for printing Bibles. Not suitable for pen and ink, because of its absorbency.
Blade wrapper (ss) Used for making small packs to keep razor blades.
Bond paper Mostly used for letterheads and image-building stationary.
Book paper A general term used to define a class of papers used by the book publishing
industry. Most commonly used for book text paper, but also used for book coverPaper.
Business forms paper Used for business forms and data processing, such as computer printouts.
Copier paper Copying, typing, plain paper faxes and general stationary.
Cream wove paper Used for computer stationary.
Diary paper Used in diaries and sometimes for book printing and other applications.
MICR cheque Used in making cheques, which are processed by computer.
Multipart stationary Multipart stationary paper is used for computer applications, where a number of copies are printer in one attempt.